Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I change the angle of the Storm Tablet Prompter glass?

A. Yes, to adjust the angle of the Storm Tablet Prompter mirror loosen one of the knobs while holding the frame and then loosen the other, adjust angle for optimum reflection of text, then while holding the glass frame tighten both knobs.

Q. How far away can I be from the storm Tablet Prompter and still read it?

A. If you have average eyesight you can comfortable sit or stand from 12 to 18 feed away from a 12.9 tablet. This also depends on the font size of the text on your screen.

Q. How do I clean the teleprompter glass?

A. Glass should carefully be cleaned with warm soapy water, or a non-abrasive detergent. If you use a standard glass cleaning product, you will remove the reflective coating on the glass and it will need replacing.

Q. How long is my teleprompter under warranty?

A. All our Storm Tablet Prompters carry a lifetime warranty. The reflective mirror is covered for a period of 10 days, this is the initial inspection time when you first purchase the Storm Tablet prompter. Replacement reflective mirrors can be purchased from

Q. I have a problem with a product, who should I contact?

A. If you need to contact us about the Storm Tablet Prompter, remember you have a NO STRESS lifetime warranty. You can contact us at and tell us what we can do to keep the stress away.

Q. How soon can I get my prompter after I order it?

A. All orders are shipped same day they are received, If we receive your order by 3:00pm EST, it will be shipped FREE standard UPS shipping. Faster shipping is available, if requested at a cost to the customer.

Q. What about our privacy?

A. We do not share, rent, trade or sell our customer information to third parties except as necessary to process transactions, such as proving your data to PayPal to render payment or UPS to ship and track your order.

Q. What about Security?

A. For security reasons, we do not store credit card information Our merchant service provider for processing Credit Cards is PayPal and your card information is transmitted to PayPal in realtime via a 256 bit encrypted link. We only ship to PayPal verified addresses

Q. Returns and Replacements

A. All returns must have a RMA number or they may be refused. Please contact us prior to returning an item to obtain an RMA number. You can contact us for an RMA number at Return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer.